What auto insurance for your sports car? Average annual insurance rates for sports cars

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Who has never dreamed of getting behind the wheel of a beautiful Italian or a beautiful Englishwoman to drive for hours along the ledges of the Côte d’Azur or on the winding roads of the Alps? And when we sat down driving school on the morning of our first lesson, who has never wanted to fully press the accelerator pedal to start in a plume of dust while screeching the tires?

Yep, for many of us the sports cars are the object of fantasies fueled by images of rallying, Formula 1 or romantic comedies. But financial contingencies (price of sports cars and prices of sports car insurance) soon made us come out of our daydreams. Let’s go for a lesson in reality …


Sports car, definition (according to insurers)

Common people like to associate a sports car with a (very) powerful car. Insurers consider thata car is powerful from 6 fiscal horsepower (i.e. 113 engine horsepower)! Astonishing when we know that 6CV is the French average for the number of fiscal horsepower in circulation on the roads, which corresponds to the BMW 1 Series, Audi A3, Clio RS, 208 GTI or Mégane RS.

We are therefore far, very far, from the 213 taxable CVs of the Bugatti Chiron (world record), the 89 taxable CVs of the Porsche 918 or the 66 taxable CVs of the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso …

Sports car auto insurance: expect a sporty price

Owning a sports car usually involves a very high purchase cost, as well as related expenses that are just as onerous. So, maintenance and repairs often require the assistance of specialized garages and the supply of spare parts as rare as they are expensive.

The use of such a vehicle therefore remains “reserved” for the most fortunate individuals and able to bear such expenses. Taking out auto insurance correspondent only worsens the situation by posting far above average prices.

The first reason is very simple : the risk factor inherent in the power of sports cars. And who says engine power necessarily means greater statistical risk of claims and accidents.

But two other reasons explain the high cost of sports car insurance such as SUVs:

  • The significant number of thefts, including in broad daylight, when the car is not parked in a garage or in a closed and guarded car park
  • The risk of deliberate damage (scratches to the bodywork, broken windshield or headlights, flat tires, etc.) or vandalism (arson, etc.)
Good to know

If you intend to drive your sports car on the circuit, you must take out specific insurance (called the circuit Civil Liability guarantee) with a specialized insurer. Indeed, insurance companies almost systematically exclude coverage for driving on the track for a sports car. Count between 35 € and 75 € for a day and around 300 € for a year.

You want to drive a sports car without breaking the bank on insurance, it’s possible!

  1. Drive a classic vehicle on a daily basis and opt for kilometer auto insurance to drive your sports car only on weekends or for special occasions.
  2. Use an online auto insurance comparator to scan all the offers available on the market and choose the best price / guarantee ratio available. We recommend LeLynx.fr for the quality of the service provided, the ease of use and the completeness of the data obtained. It is, like all other comparators auto insurance online, perfectly independent, free and without obligation.

What auto insurance for sports cars?

High value, high risks (accidents, theft, damage) and high repair costs naturally require the highest possible insurance coverage. It is therefore comprehensive insurance which is recommended to best cover a sports car (in preference to the two other possible contracts, third party insurance and intermediate insurance which neither allowed the owner to be properly compensated in the event of claims).

But even if you opt for comprehensive insurance (by definition very complete basic), you will be well advised to take out one or more additional guarantees offered as an option by the companies.

Depending on your specific situation (vehicle model, value of the car, usage and / or parking profile, etc.), you can opt for:

  • Damage guarantee for all accidents
  • The driver’s personal guarantee (particularly useful for, you can never be too careful, the management of bodily injury in the event of an accident: medical costs, hospitalization, rehabilitation, etc.)
  • Legal protection guarantee (covering legal costs in the event of a dispute with a third party that could result in legal proceedings)
  • Theft and burglary and vandalism guarantees
Good to know # 1

Insurance companies sometimes require:

  • To equip your car with an alarm system and a GPS tracker
  • To park your sports car in a private and closed car park equipped with a surveillance system
Good to know # 2

Sports car insurance does not rhyme, but then not at all, with young driver. If you have just obtained your license, immediately forget your dreams of drive your own sports car. Or even that of your father, a friend or your uncle!

Most companies outright prohibit young drivers from insuring vehicles with more than 6 taxable CVs. If you want to insure a 4×4 or an SUV while being inexperienced, this will be almost impossible to achieve.