Currently reserved for businesses, V2G technology will arrive in your home in a few years. Thanks to it, the electrical network will use the energy of your car. From your own fridge to the house on the other side of town, everyone will one day be able to enjoy it.

What is V2G technology?

We have already told you about V2G technology (for “Vehicle to Grid”), allowing the energy from the batteries of an electric car to be used to supply the electrical network. In Japan, this specificity allows residents to be saved from a complete power failure when a typhoon or an earthquake damages the city’s electricity network: on condition that a V2G compatible electric car to your home’s network, you can then supply it with electricity for several days until the battery drains. A miraculous solution to face climatic disasters.

In Europe, this V2G technology adapts to different constraints. We are fortunate not to experience such serious natural disasters as in Japan, and in addition we benefit from a good quality electricity network, which holds up. On the other hand, the need to increasingly decarbonise our means of electricity production, in particular by increasing to the maximum the share of renewable energies, pushes engineers to find creative technical solutions, which also take advantage of V2G.

The electric car to improve the network

On the Old Continent, V2G technology is developing rapidly! But not in the same way as in Japan: with us, it is not yet a question of operating the fridge or the TV in your house using the battery of your electric car, following a power cut. , although it would be technically possible.

What if your electric car supplied electricity to your home? 4For now, V2G terminals in France are used by companies

But V2G is conceived today as a means optimize electricity management as much as possible according to the needs of consumers and the electricity network. As soon as a consumption peak occurs, the network will be able to draw on the batteries of connected electric vehicles. Once the consumption peak has passed, the network will restore energy to electric vehicles. No more risk of breakdown, no need to increase electricity production at all costs within the plant: everyone wins and the environment too.

For now, V2G is limited to companies

Currently, this V2G technology is dedicated in France to companies with fleets of electric vehicles, which remain immobilized for long periods (often in the evening and at weekends). These long time slots when your car is plugged into the charging station and therefore connected to the network are ideal for exchanges of electrical energy in V2G. Specialists like IZIVIA already equip professionals whose use and size of the electric fleet allow perfect compatibility with this technology.

But in the medium term, the V2G may well spread to your home ! In particular, it will be necessary to wait for the manufacturers of electric vehicles to include this functionality directly in their vehicles: so that an electric car can restore its energy to the network, and convert the direct current of its battery into alternating current. When future vehicles will be able to make this transformation themselves, suitable domestic charging stations will then make it possible to implement this mechanism at the scale of a house.

Electric car and V2G system: No risk of ending up without a battery at the wrong time

Remember that by leaving your professional car connected to the network via V2G, there will be no risk of being without electric fuel, because your car’s battery will never be fully discharged (and at the worst time for you!). Not only are the withdrawals made by the network limited to very small quantities of electricity (it is the number of vehicles connected to the network that will be its strength, not the reserve of a single battery), but an application like that of DREEV lets you program in advance when you need your battery to be 100% charged. For example, in the evening at 6 p.m. when leaving your offices for your home. Not insignificant also, companies can count on reimbursement terms for electricity returned to the network: by connecting your car to V2G, it is indeed possible to reduce a large part of your automobile electricity bill. Real win-win …