When going on vacation, or a long weekend, before hitting the road, preparing your vehicle is essential. But another accessory has become essential for every motorist, the smartphone. Navigation, advice of all kinds, tips, information sharing: automotive applications are more and more numerous and mostly free.

To make your job easier, TURBO offers a list of applications to install on your smartphone, all iOS or Android compatible. Be careful, however, not to use your mobile while driving because you may be subject to a driving license suspension if it is combined with another traffic offense noted by the police.

Waze: better than most GPS

Increasingly popular, Waze is a mobile navigation application that works like a real social network. Bringing together the largest community in the world, it not only allows you to find your way, but Waze also relies on data provided by its users to constantly optimize your route.

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Traffic conditions, incidents, speed cameras and even fuel prices: the app changes your route in real time and saves you precious time – and money at the same time. Intuitive and precise, Waze even does better than some GPS. It is a must have application for every motorist!

Good to know. Free entry !

The Waze app is completely free and does not require a subscription. Just download it to start using it.

Gasoline: to optimize your fuel budget

For smart consumption, the app Gasoline allows, as its name suggests, to compare the price of fuel in stations around you. Based on the location function of your smartphone, Essence is updated regularly by the distributors but also by the users themselves.

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The basic version is completely free. Users will also be able to opt for an ad-free version offered as an option and billed at € 4.99. Practical and easy to use, Essence can be very useful.

Good to know. Electrical terminals too!

Also very practical, the ChargeMap application is the version reserved for electric vehicles. It allows you to quickly find the charging stations around you.

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Self-report: to have it with you at all times

When it is not forgotten at home, it sleeps and deteriorates most of the time at the bottom of the glove box … Just like the yellow vest, the accident report is an essential document that all motorists should have on board their car. It has been modernized in recent years and the “E-report”, its digital version, is gradually becoming more democratic.

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Available for smartphones, E-report auto is the official application of French insurers. Free and easy to use, it makes it possible to declare a claim in real time, to take photos on site and, at the same time, to speed up compensation procedures.. E-report auto is a must have for the motorist.

Coyote: to avoid dangers in real time

Radar detectors and others alarms of all kinds are prohibited. We are now talking about danger zones. Very useful, the Coyote application acts as a real assistant. Precise and reliable navigation tool, Coyote also alerts you of speed limits, danger zones, as well as any events that may disrupt your journey., in real time and everywhere in Europe. Only downside, the application is paying (from € 5.99 per month or € 65.99 per year). But know that you will get what you pay for. Coyote has in fact partnered with HERE, the world’s best designer of GPS maps for 30 years..

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With Coyote, the journey time is calculated based on actual traffic conditions and your preferences. In addition, thanks to a 3D display of the buildings littering your route, navigation is further optimized.

Bison smart: all you need to know about traffic forecasts

Appeared in 1976 following the enormous traffic jams caused by the jarring of the Julyists and the Aoutians, Bison Futé is a little character well known to French motorists. Mascot of the National Road Information Center, every year it provides a whole lot of extremely important information on road congestion, and on alternative routes, making it an ideal companion to avoid worries every time you go on vacation. Advice that you can always find with you in the Bison Futé application.

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Available on Android and IOS, this free application will inform you in real time of traffic forecasts by respecting the sacrosanct color code established by Bison Futé (from green to black), the state of traffic in large French cities, or even personalized advice on routes to take or avoid. Better, this application will offer you a map of road events (accidents, traffic jams, roadworks, etc.) updated every 3 to 6 minutes to help you anticipate the slightest problem. In short, this is the ideal application for planning each of your vacations as well as possible!

Météo France: never be surprised by the weather

When you have to take the road, especially in winter, the weather is an element that should not be ignored as it can influence the conditions of your trip. Before embarking on a trip, it is therefore better to be prepared for all eventualities and this is where the Météo France application comes in.

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Easy to use thanks to its clean and customizable interface (you can set the weather forecast for the places you plan to visit on the home page), this application will deliver to you in a jiffy all the information you need directly from the Météo France database. Thanks to the GPS integrated into your mobile, you can also easily access the weather forecast for the place where you are, anywhere in France and abroad.

Beyond the simple weather forecast for the day and traditional ten-day forecasts, this application will also give you access to a whole bunch of very useful features: Alert bulletins, Mountain and Marine bulletins, vigilance maps or even access to satellite animations of the last 3 hours on the national territory. To never be surprised, you can also configure notifications to be notified as soon as the level of vigilance turns orange, or when a flood alert is launched near your location. If you want to travel lightly, this application is essential.

Here WeGo: discovering a city has never been so easy

With Here WeGo, traveling in the city has never been easier. Thanks to the many maps integrated into the application covering not far from 1300 cities around the world, you can very simply plan your trips in advance and be sure you never get lost. In a very simple and intuitive way, you can check the timetables, prices and routes available to get to your destination whether you use public transport, a taxi or even your own vehicle. It will even be possible to activate the route tracking to benefit from voice indications indicating each of the steps to follow. An ideal service for motorists.

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With information covering nearly 100 countries around the world, Here WeGo is the ideal partner for your city breaks. Because in addition to information relating to transport, this application has many partnerships with services such as TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, Expedia or BlaBlaCar which will allow you to know the points of interest close to your position. With just a few clicks, you will have access to restaurants, ATMs, hotels and other gas stations in the vicinity. A great initiative that will certainly facilitate the discovery of unknown cities.

SOS Autoroute: no longer get stuck on the edge of the motorway

In the event of a hard blow on the motorways, the easiest solution has for a long time been to reach the nearest call point in order to notify the competent authorities. Problems, these bollards, although placed at regular intervals on the emergency lanes, required an adventure on the edge of the highway, a potential source of danger. With the arrival of smartphones and the extension of mobile networks, these terminals have gradually lost their usefulness. The SOS Autoroute application is the heir to these terminals by offering a whole bunch of very useful features in case you have a problem during your motorway journeys.

Download the SOS Autoroute application on IOS

Download the SOS Autoroute application on Android

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By launching this application, you will be able to simply be put in contact with the security station closest to your location thanks to the geolocation data of your telephonee. In order to allow a rapid and adequate response, you can attach a photograph of your situation, and send your vehicle information (previously saved) in a few clicks. You can also use this application to report an accident that you have witnessed, or just to report a vehicle in distress. Service recognized as being of general interest by the state, this application is completely free and works on the main French motorway networks.

Find my car: a precious reminder to never lose your car again

Let the one who has never “forgotten” where he parked his vehicle, raise his hand. If you’ve ever kept your hand down, Find my Car should appeal to you. Extremely simple in its execution, this application simply offers yousave the position of your car after you park it. Besides the precise GPS point of your parking point, this application will also allow you to associate a photograph of the place, which can be very useful when storing your vehicle in an underground car park.

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In terms of additional features, users of Android devices can count on a very practical compass which will allow you to find the way of your car without needing any connection. A very useful service especially if you are traveling abroad. This application will also offer you to share the position of your vehicle with your friends, in order, for example, to make an appointment with them. The only downside is that you will have to spend a few euros to unlock all the functions of this application, which is also free.

IPhone users, for their part, can generally count on similar features. The compass and position sharing are also on the agenda. This application nevertheless offers some very useful additional features. You will be able to set up a countdown which will indicate the parking time you have left, or display theroute to take to reach your vehicle.