Car insurance is a certain cost for a young driver. However, the price will be different depending on the profile of the driver. If you are under 25, if you are a student or if the car you drive is powerful, all of these elements will impact the price of the auto insurance quote.

How to insure your car when you are a young driver?

Generally speaking, the amount of auto insurance depends on several criteria : the type of vehicle to be insured, past claims, age and driving experience. It is especially on these last two aspects that a young driver will be impacted. Having only little experience on the road, he will be considered as being a “at risk” profile and will in fact be subject to an increase by his auto insurer.

We understand that the budget is often a sensitive issue among young drivers. There are, however, different ways of lower the costs, but that requires asking the question upstream of the purchase of the vehicle and sometimes even before obtaining the license. You will understand why.


How will the profile of the young driver influence auto insurance?

Novice or young drivers are negatively impacted on the cost of their insurance. Consequently, the quotes that an insurer can present to you will be automatically revised upwards, up to 100% of the amount of insurance for an average driver.

To reduce the effect of this premium, here are some tips:

Reduce auto insurance costs thanks to accompanied driving

Passing your license in accompanied driving not only saves you experience in the eyes of your insurer, but will allow you to benefit from more advantageous subscription conditions.

Instead of having a 100% surcharge applied, the young driver with a “accompanied driving” license will have a surcharge of only 50%.

Not only will it be reduced, but it will also be deleted faster than if you didn’t have that profile. From the 3rd year, it will only be 12.5% ​​to cancel out the 4th year.

The profile of a young driver with an “accompanied driving” license is therefore more advantageous.

Choose a less powerful car

When you have just obtained your license, you often want to buy a powerful vehicle in order to experience speed. However, it will cost you a lot more than the cost of your car alone.

An insurer can easily require you to take out car insurance all risks on the pretext that the risk of auto claims is higher at the wheel of a powerful car. The more powerful the car, the higher the purchase price must have been and the higher the insurance premium will be.

To avoid breaking the bank on an all-risk auto insurance contract, choose a less powerful car to get your hands on and gain experience. As soon as you get rid of this young driver status, you can indulge yourself in the purchase of a powerful car.

What if you have a student profile?

Between the low budget and the lack of experience, auto insurance contracts for a student profile are often far too expensive.

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to be well insured. All it takes is to compare the different offers on the market and to think carefully before a subscription to avoid unnecessary guarantees.

The minimum to be able to drive is third party insurance. It guarantees you against damage caused to other drivers. You can also build a more complete offer by choosing additional guarantees. A simple car insurance simulation done online will allow you to find the ideal formula according to your profile.

To know ! If you have a student card, you can sometimes benefit from discounts from an auto insurer. You will also be able to access adapted solutions.

In addition, there are insurers who have created auto insurance formulas specifically built around the needs of students, taking the budget constraint that there may be by having this profile.

The profiles of young drivers are varied and will influence the final price of your auto insurance. It is important to know how your profile can potentially impact the costs incurred in insuring your vehicle. This can help you lower your bill and save money.