SUV insurance: everything you need to know

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So like that you too will fall for you or you have fallen for a hatchback vehicle (one for the passenger compartment and luggage space, the other for the engine), also known as the Sport Utility Vehicle.

In short, it is or will be an SUV, you do not budge! Excellent choice moreover (shared by more than two million French and Europeans in recent years), halfway between the wise minivan and the mythical 4×4, between the love of family and the need for social recognition, between the sedan family and passion for off-roading.

All that remains is to insure your car at the best price and as close as possible to your requirements. The best of SUV insurance is here!


SUV: more expensive to buy … and therefore often more expensive to insure

There is no miracle. SUVs (compact or not) cost more than equivalent sedans (compact or not): count around 2,000 euros extra to purchase. No wonder then that the SUV comprehensive insurance (covering the risk of theft and damage) are also higher than all-risk insurance for sedans.

Now, nothing is settled and it is necessary, here more than elsewhere, to play the competition to find the best insurance for SUV car models. Because in a buoyant and terribly trendy market, insurance companies all seek to attract customers and are often prepared to offer unbeatable call prices.

What are the pricing criteria for SUV insurance?

As with all auto insurance, the price of your SUV insurance will depend on 3 essential criteria:

  1. Your driver profile
  2. The SUV to insure
  3. The type of insurance chosen

Driver profile
When establishing the quote, you will always be asked to provide all the information allowing the insurance company to establish your risk profile. You will then have to indicate the date you obtained your driving license, your age, your driving history (bonus-malus, number of responsible accidents in recent years, etc.), the city in which you will mainly drive your vehicle. SUV, the type of parking envisaged (public road, garage, parking, guarded or not) …

Model and characteristics of the SUV to be insured
As we have seen, the purchase price of the SUV (closely linked to the model and the brand) will play a significant part in the final price of SUV insurance (especially if you decide to opt for an all-risk contract).

Then, the power of your SUV will also be decisive: for insurers, the more powerful the vehicle, the more risk of bodily injury and materials are important. And therefore the higher the premium requested!

But there is still good news that should be taken into account: statistically, SUVs are known to significantly reduce personal injury in the event of a disaster. Reducing the impact on prices accordingly!

Obviously, your SUV insurance will depend closely on the commissioning date of your vehicle. New or used, you will feel the difference! More surprisingly, but just as sensitive, the price of your insurance will also depend on the type of fuel used. Thermal (gasoline or diesel), hybrid or 100% electric: each engine has its own price!

Type of insurance retained
Even if you have chosen to mark your difference by setting your sights on an SUV, the 3 available insurance contracts remain all that is most classic:

  • Third party insurance
  • Extended third party insurance (or intermediary insurance)
  • Back to back insurance

You are completely free to subscribe to the formula you want but, in fact, your driver profile and, above all, the SUV purchased will dictate your decision. Victims of their own success, SUVs are unfortunately part of the most stolen vehicles and / or victims of malicious acts. And, with the number of horses under the hood, they shine in the firmament of the number of accidents …

And given their new purchase price, it is obviously widely recommended to opt for insurance covering risks theft and damage, namely the aptly named comprehensive insurance. Now, a used SUV, a very significant penalty or a young driver’s status (100% premium for the first year of insurance!) Can tip the balance towards the cheapest insurance, third-party insurance.

SUV insurance: compare, rather twice than one!

You got it: more than any other, SUV insurance can differ depending on a very large number of factors. So many reasons to proceed to a regular price comparison available on the market using an online auto insurance comparator. At Turbo, we recommend without hesitation.

Free, independent and perfectly ergonomic, scans for you all the offers offered by the most large French insurance companies and allows you to perform as many simulations as you want according to the desired criteria.

In a few minutes you will get all expected quotes, without any commitment on your part. And in these times of heightened competition between insurers, you are not immune to finding an offer that you cannot refuse! Plus, it really costs nothing to try!

Good to know
SUV insurance price and WLTP (World harmonized light vehicles test procedure) homologation
Resulting from new regulations on the approval of consumption, a new WLTP penalty scale has been applicable since March 1, 2020. Objective: to encourage the use of cars with low CO2 emissions. And no luck, the weight of SUVs has a strong impact on their energy consumption… CQFD.