Who would’ve believed that ? So how do young drivers like Peugeot? (yes I wrote kiffent, that’s how young people talk, isn’t it?) A brand more than bicentenary, and French what is more! Of course, he may not necessarily like 100% of the lion brand’s models.

Surely the entry-level models (106, 206, 207, 208), younger than sedans or SUVs and others 2008. But if the Peugeot 208 is the best-selling car in France and Peugeot car insurance one of the most subscribed in France, young drivers are certainly not for nothing, on the contrary. A brief overview of Peugeot seen by a young driver.

But before that, a bit of History (quickly, very quickly) …

To be honest, it is in the light of the history of Peugeot that we were surprised at the appetite of young people for this brand so stamped with the appellation France Contrôlée (and beware of drunk driving, in other words. by the way, especially when you’ve just passed your license!).


The Peugeot industrial adventure began in 1810 with the founding of the family business by Jean-Frédéric and Jean-Pierre Peugeot in the Doubs (commune of Hérimoncourt). In 1891, the company launched and marketed type 3, first car in the world to be produced in series (only 64 units, but in series all the same).

Closer to home, the 203 is the first car produced after war. It is also the first monocoque model with a hemispherical cylinder head engine and V valves. And, incidentally, the first Peugeot produced in more than 1/2 million copies!

In short, today, Peugeot can be proud to present the most wide range of vehicles labeled “Origine France Garantie”. Because for Peugeot, being French is not just a nationality, it is a way of thinking, of conceiving, of manufacturing.

Okay, we’ll stop there advertising for Peugeot but a large number of sites are full of information all the more fascinating than the others if you want to know more!

Why does Peugeot rhyme with young driver insurance?

Whatever their age and geographic location, young drivers are mostly penniless after having passed their license and bought their first Peugeot. And if he had the good idea to find out about the price of young driver insurance before becoming the owner of a model in the range, he certainly bought an entry-level Peugeot, probably used.

Insurers are less afraid to insure a car of this type and the price of insurance will be low. To be sure, connect to an online young driver insurance comparator such as LeLynx.fr. You will quickly be fixed! Especially if you choose third party insurance in your simulations …

That said without any particular talent of investigator or divination. Entry-level used Peugeot cars are inexpensive, unpopular with thieves and the power of their engine is relatively moderate.

Suddenly, their “claims” (sic in the jargon of insurance) is lower and it makes an interesting average with the higher accidentology of the share of young drivers.

Clearly and with a decoder: the less powerful the car, the less likely its driver is to create a responsible accident.

But on the other hand, a young driver is in essence inexperienced and he has a statistically higher risk of having an accident during the first 3 years of insurance (and here is for the loss experience).

This is where entry-level and second-hand Peugeot cars perfectly fulfill their role: to allow young drivers to benefit from the best prices insurance question