Buying a new car is an important moment and today many dealers or agents offer a new type of vehicle: cars new 0 km.

To understand everything about this segment of new cheaper vehicles, we asked an expert in the sector to to answer our questions.

First of all, what is a new car / 0 km?

These are vehicles that have driven very little. They have on average less than 6 months of service, traveled very few kilometers, between 0 and 100 km and are still under manufacturer’s warranty. Another interesting point, it is sometimes difficult to know the history of a vehicle and that is why 0km cars are increasingly sought after because they have no history.

What is the difference with a new car?

Please note, this is not a demonstration vehicle. These vehicles are new and registered in advance in dealerships by the sellers. Why that ? It’s simple, manufacturers set sales targets for dealers, often very ambitious, allowing them to obtain bonuses thanks to a number of registrations achieved monthly.

Another explanation comes from the legislation, according to the criminal chamber of the Court of Cassation, a vehicle loses its status as a new vehicle as soon as it has been registered, even if it has not been driven, it therefore changes status. from “first hand” to “second hand”. At the time of its resale it suffers a discount because it reduces its effective duration of the legal guarantee. But the Court of Justice of the European Union has, since 1992, indicated that the directive of September 10, 1984 relating to the harmonization of legislation in the field of misleading advertising ” does not prevent an advertisement from presenting vehicles as new, cheaper and benefiting from the manufacturer’s warranty, when these vehicles are registered for the sole purpose of importation, they have never been used and they are sold in a Member State at a lower price than that charged by dealers established in that Member State, because the number of accessories fitted to them is lower “. This qualifies the 0km car as a new vehicle, which sometimes allows the consumer to benefit from a substantial price differential.

A new car little mileage – still called in France new 0 km or almost new cars – is already registered and is just waiting to be sold.

Why is it more economical to buy a new car / 0 km rather than a used vehicle?

Depending on the age of the vehicle and its updated maintenance book, a used vehicle will need more or less maintenance compared to a 0 km / new vehicle. The older the vehicle and the higher its mileage, the more repairs or parts changes will have to be made.

Then, a new vehicle / 0 km generally benefits from the latest technological advances in terms of pollution reduction to be adapted to the latest ecological standards. It is an essential element in order to obtain the right sticker Crit’air which will allow you to travel in the city center in the event of a pollution peak, especially if you need to travel there regularly for professional reasons.

The advantages of the nine low mileage:

As mentioned above, the first advantage is its price. Indeed, a new car has a very significant discount during the first year, between 20 and 25% of its value. This is not the case with a vehicle new 0 km which will be offered at the price of this discount. Another advantage, this type of vehicle has the manufacturer’s warranty like new cars. You are normally covered for up to 2 years. Even if the vehicle warranty starts when it is first registered, so given that it will have to be re-registered when it is sold, the warranty could lose a few weeks or even months. But the relationship between the price, the new condition of the vehicle and its warranty remains very competitive.

One constraint remains to be underlined, you will not have a tailor-made choice as when ordering a new vehicle regarding color and options, but models of all brands are not lacking and are available immediately. In addition, the delivery of a new vehicle to a dealership can sometimes take up to 6 months, after signing the order form. Finally, as already mentioned with a new car / 0 km you will have the assurance that the odometer has not been tampered with, the vehicle having left the factory directly and not having been used by a private individual before, while the All of the vehicle’s original documents will therefore be available.

How to buy a new 0km model?

Despite a difficult year 2020, the used car market is experiencing strong growth in the first quarter of 2021. The 0 km vehicle solution is a good alternative between new and used vehicles. First of all, it makes it possible to obtain a better price, but also to benefit from a better guarantee with a limitation of maintenance costs. There are many possibilities to find this type of 0 km vehicle offer, from independent dealerships, through agents to specialized services on the internet.

Now that you know everything, drive in a new, cheaper car thanks to the new 0 km.