Everything you need to know about insuring your motorhome

Fashion or economic constraints, camping holidays have experienced a remarkable popularity in recent years. As a corollary, a spectacular increase in the number of motorhomes in circulation.

And the insurance companies are not mistaken, which, alongside their classic contracts, all offer car insurance specially adapted to motorhomes. This is why it seemed interesting to us to focus on these contracts, not quite like the others.

Why is motorhome insurance different from conventional contracts?

The motorhome is a category 2 car (light car weighing less than 3.5 tonnes) and therefore requires a simple B license for driving. Nevertheless, the particular use which is made of it has forced insurance companies to imagine a tailor-made contract.


Motorhome insurance takes into account all the specificities of this means of transport particular and in particular:

  • Frequency of use
  • The precise condition of the vehicle, including any modifications to the body or engine
  • The model and its purchase price

The frequency of use thus makes it possible to assess the speed of possible deterioration of the motorhome. Each model having its specificities, the precise condition of the vehicle will allow the insurance company to know exactly what repairs may need to be taken care of after an accident.

The insurance of a motorhome depends in particular on the model of the vehicle to be insured and its purchase price during the first year following the signing of the contract. At the end of this first year, an assessment of the value of the vehicle will be carried out by an expert, which will lead to a new version of the motorhome insurance closely related to the condition observed.

Motorhome insurance: guarantees different from traditional contracts

By definition, a motorhome has a vocation for a certain “nomadism”. The regions in which the campsite will be brought to circulate are included in the contract and then partly enter into establishing the tariff. And it is advisable to be precise in the delimitation of the regions concerned because a disaster which would occur outside their borders would not be supported!

Another specific feature of motorhome insurance : personal effects are covered by the personal objects guarantee. You will be reimbursed if your belongings are stolen, destroyed or damaged by an accident or fire.

Warning : bicycles attached to your motorhome or a possible trailer do not fall within the scope of the personal items guarantee (just like valuables or professional equipment).

Good to know

As for classic automobiles:

  • The minimum insurance for a motorhome remains civil liability (third party insurance)
  • Do not forget to indicate the identity of all the people likely to drive the motorhome: they will benefit from driver’s warranty (covering bodily injury), compulsory in all motorhome insurance.

Optional guarantees

No need for necessarily take out comprehensive insurance to be sure to get behind the wheel with complete peace of mind! Most of the large insurance companies offer you guarantees that supplement third-party insurance:

  • The assistance guarantee, ideal to be taken care of in case of breakdown and towing of the vehicle
  • Insurance against theft, fire or broken glass
  • The individual accident cover : you are covered in the event of an accident responsible or without identified responsible
  • Insurance in case of natural disasters / terrorist attacks
  • A juridic protection in the event of disputes during the sale, purchase or repair of the motorhome
Good to know # 1

If the motorhome is synonymous with escape and travel (in France and abroad), its insurance will not cover your possible repatriation in the event of an accident or health problem. Consider purchasing travel insurance to deal with any eventuality!

Good to know # 2

Do not hesitate to use an online auto insurance comparator to be sure to find the best insurance for a vehicle such as a motorhome: the most comprehensive and the least expensive possible. LeLynx.fr will allow you to compare for free, without obligation and in just a few minutes, all the motorhome contracts offered by the best insurers on the market.