Choosing the right insurance for your 4×4, instructions

Average annual insurance rates for 4x4s

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Are you more of a 4×4 from cities or 4×4 from the fields? Or maybe you share your four-wheel drive passion between asphalt roads and dirt roads? Anyway, one thing is certain: your 4×4 must be insured. To be sure that you choose car insurance for your 4×4 without making a mistake, follow the guide.

Find the best 4×4 insurance without leaving the road

The first 4x4s were developed for military use in order to allow light vehicles to circulate, like tanks, whatever the terrain and whatever the weather.


Civilian car models saw the light of day in the 70s / 80s and all-terrain vehicles (the other name of 4x4s) really became popular in the 90s to be commonly present today in the city as well as in the countryside. in forest.

And if the reasons for purchasing can be diametrically opposed (practical use for hunters, loggers or residents off the beaten track; social marker or ostentatious icon of success for residents of beautiful neighborhoods), the question of 4×4 insurance is essential, whether you decide to contact a specialized broker or whether you prefer a classic insurance company.

As with other categories of motor vehicles, the amount of your 4×4 insurance premium will depend on these two traditional first criteria:

1. Your driver profile : are you experienced? Do you match the young driver profile?

2. The type of vehicle to be insured

In the case of 4×4 insurance, a third original criterion completes the situation:

3. The use you make of it (or that you will)

So the subscription conditions will change depending on whether you drive your 4×4 exclusively on or off-road. In the latter case, you will notably need to provide a solid warranty against glass breakage, damaged windshields and headlight optics being statistically higher than average.

To appreciate the prices that will be offered by the insurance companies, you will have to take into account the fact that 4x4s are victims of their success and that they are therefore among the most stolen vehicles and the most victims of malicious damage.

Concretely (unless your 4×4 is closer to the scrapyard than to the hunting party), it is strongly recommended to favor comprehensive insurance which will include guarantees such as theft, fire, assistance and legal protection.

4×4 insurance: how much does it cost?

Roughly speaking, you need to count on average 1,000 euros per year to properly insure your favorite 4×4! Of course, the price varies depending on the model, brand, mileage (if you buy it used), the insurance formula and the any additional guarantees chosen.

And your bonus (which we wish you firmly established at 50%) could obviously lower the bill … While high, this price unfortunately takes into account the risk factors studied by insurance companies: number of thefts and break-ins annual, cost of repairs, accident rate …

And cheaper insurance, does that also exist for 4x4s?

Yes, you can save money on your 4×4 insurance but without miracles or magic wands. To pay less, you will have to make occasional use of your 4×4 by choosing a auto insurance contract per kilometer.

As the name suggests, with equivalent guarantees, you will only pay for the kilometers you cover. Studies show that this type of formula starts to pay off if you drive less than 10,000 km per year.

Check that you are really insured off-road

As surprising as it may seem, some 4×4 insurance does not cover claims that occur on sunken roads, even when you have taken out comprehensive insurance. A piece of advice is therefore in order: check!

Check your coverage precisely by reading all the clauses of your contract. It is indeed the only solution not to swear but a little late that we will not take you there anymore … It would be a shame to discover that your insurance contract does not cover a risk closely linked to the very nature of your vehicle.

If the guarantees described do not suit you, two solutions: find another insurance or ask your insurer to modify the initial contract to supplement it according to your needs with, for example:

  • The “Mechanical Breakdown” guarantee : interesting when you know the cost of spare parts for this type of car
  • Tire warranty : tires are rarely covered by basic insurance, even if they are all risks … With this optional guarantee, your vehicle will be covered in the event of a puncture while traveling along paths with sharp stones!

Also check the amount of deductibles that would remain at your expense in the event of a claim. Thus, some insurance companies display unbeatable prices but with such large deductibles that it is practically you who will pay the cost of repairs instead of your contract …

Good to know

As we have seen, 4x4s, like SUVs, are at risk vehicles in terms of theft and damage. Some insurances will ask you not to park them every night on the public road but to protect them in a closed garage or a guarded car park. Under penalty of refusing to insure you.