Ranking of the best young driver car insurance 2020-2021

You might as well admit it right away: giving a ranking of the best young driver car insurance 2020-2021 at a given moment is perfectly illusory! For the good and simple reason that there are as many insurance options as there are young drivers wishing to insure a first vehicle.

As we will see, the price of an auto insurance (that of young driver auto insurance but also that of all insurance) can vary completely depending on the profile of the young driver, the vehicle to be insured and the formula. insurance retained.

Thus, an insurance “well placed” according to such or such parameters can prove to be much less expensive with a tailor-made guarantee in more or less. So, to try to answer the classification question anyway, the easiest way is to rephrase the statement as follows: how to choose the best young driver car insurance covering its needs as closely as possible? And therefore, the cheapest possible… To follow the guide in four winning tips, it’s here!


If you want to get the best young driver auto insurance, leave nothing to chance

Whether you have just turned 18 or 45, only the date you obtained your license (less than 3 years old) allows you to earn the young driver designation. Not just the truth: you will also be considered a young driver by an insurer if you have never been insured or if your license has been canceled due to sufficiently culpable driving in the eyes of the law. But, in fact, the vast majority of young drivers are young drivers who will be made to pay (very) dearly by the companies for their inexperience behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are a few (completely legal) ways to lower the bill (a bit).

Good to know :

For an insurer, never having been insured does not necessarily mean not having driving experience. This could mean, for example, simply never having had insurance contract in your name!

So you can have driven a company car for 20 years (with a contract in the name of the company that employs you) and be considered a young driver the day you want to insure your own private car.

Ditto, ask your father to insure your car and you register as second driver is a good idea financially speaking but absolutely not for the subject at hand. Three years later you will still be a young driver (“Novice driver”) within the meaning of the Insurance Code. And you will have to pay the additional premium (see Tip # 3 below) when you want to insure a car in your name alone …

Tip # 1: Choose the cheapest insurance plan

Everyone knows the comprehensive insurance, the most sought after, the most complete and the most expensive, but perhaps you do not know the other 2 formulas, third party insurance and extended third party insurance (also called intermediary insurance). No need to worry: if you are a young driver, you have every chance of being broke, even more after having passed your license and bought Your first car !

So no hesitation: choose third party insurance, the cheapest of the 3 formulas. It is the minimum legal cover (civil liability) that will finally allow you to drive your own car. Of course, your insurer will not reimburse you for your car if you have it stolen or if you have to have it repaired following a material accident of which you are the cause.

But, at least he will take charge all the damage that you will have caused to a third party after a responsible loss. And you will be insured, so you can ride legally: that’s what you want, right?

Tip 2: choose the right car

Chronologically, it would have been better for you to choose your car well before choosing your insurance formula ! Hopefully it is not too late. Because you will have understood it correctly: third party insurance is particularly well suited to a low value car (and therefore used), if possible with high mileage.

Not only will you not be afraid of scratching it following the first maneuvers not always perfectly mastered, but you will not be afraid of having it stolen or vandalized (a fortiori if you park it on the public road every night). And so no need theft insurance and vandalism.

And therefore no unnecessary additional costs on the insurance side … The figures also show that a young driver and a powerful car do not mix well in terms of road accidents. What insurers have perfectly taken into account, which almost all refuse to young drivers insure cars of more than 6 HP.

Tip n ° 3: obtain a driving license via accompanied driving

Another piece of advice that comes far too late … Because if you are reading this article, it is because you certainly already have your license … And that you may not have taken it under the regime of accompanied driving.

But if you don’t have the precious sesame in your pocket yet and you have a choice (which most often comes down to really cool parents… and who already have a car), don’t hesitate for a second. Because accompanied driving has only advantages, including and especially that of dividing by 2 the amount of the surcharge that insurers charge young drivers who want to insure their first car!

Basically, the first year, the additional premium in question is 100% (i.e. twice the price granted to an experienced driver!). If your license is accompanied by controlled driving, the additional premium will be “only” 50%!

The reason ? A driver who has passed through the hands of accompanied driving is more experienced (because he has statistically driven more hours than his little comrades in conventional driving schools) and therefore less dangerous, figures of road accidents supporting. And this lesser danger is rewarded by insurers who significantly reduce the bill.

Tip 4: compare, compare, compare

Whatever your political inclination, you will experience what competition means. And you will love it! A young driver auto insurance comparator will allow you to target the best young driver auto insurance. Some, sure of themselves, pounce on their parents’ insurance company, convinced that they can never find better or cheaper.

But, if it avoids asking too many questions, this calculation is often disappointing and counterproductive: certainly the parental insurer will agree to make an effort to win the favors of the youngest child, but the gains on arrival (from around 10%) are negligible compared to what you can find on the market by searching carefully. And to search well, no need to search for long: all you need to do is perform an online car insurance simulation. There are a large number of them, often very effective and efficient.

For our part, we have a soft spot for LeLynx.fr. Completely free, anonymous and without obligation, it is hyper-intuitive to use and it will allow you to scan the offers available on the market in order to choose a cheap young driver insurance formula. You can then opt for auto insurance, it’s clear. Or restart your simulations as many times as necessary, changing a particular parameter.

For example by adding a additional guarantee corresponding to a specific need depending on the vehicle purchased. If your parents or uncle, for example, gave you a near-new car with low mileage, you might want to insure it against theft.

Thanks to the extended third party formula, you can then choose tailor-made theft insurance and know in a few seconds the additional cost caused by this cover.

In conclusion: the best young driver car insurance is within your reach!

By definition, a young driver is inexperienced and therefore more liable to cause a responsible accident during the first 3 years of driving. This side, insurance companies will not give you any gifts and it is perfectly illusory to think that you can pass between the drops.

But, as we have seen, you have several levers to operate to lighten the note as much as possible. Besides common sense advice (prefer thethird party insurance and a low-value car, if possible with a gasoline engine, tip 5…), the “secret” lies entirely in the competition. For that, online comparators are ready-made tools that you absolutely must use.

When the need arises or simply to know what sauce you are going to be eaten when the time comes. And you are not immune to a (very) pleasant surprise. The insurance companies regularly do Promotional offers particularly attractive to attract new customers that they hope to retain in the long term.

It’s up to you to get your hands on them when they appear during the simulations that you are going to do. And maybe it is right now … You have nothing to lose to go take a look. Now ? Yes, right now, do you ever know?