Broken glass: what can you do to benefit from your insurance?

For most motorists, glass breakage almost exclusively concerns the windshield. It is so true that television advertising shines the spotlight on the impacts liable to radically weaken said windshield.

But, in concrete terms, the car insurance including the broken glass guarantee covers more broadly, in addition to the front windshield, the rear window, the side windows, the roof, opening or not, and even (sometimes but not always) the optics. headlight, front and rear and mirrors. A word of advice in passing: consult your general conditions to check the details of your insurance coverage (and that of your glass breakage coverage in particular).

To benefit from it, if necessary, it is still necessary to have subscribed glass breakage guarantee when signing a contract … Because if the glass breakage guarantee is included in basic in all risk insurance, it does not appear in third party insurance and you must have chosen it in additional guarantees if you have opted for extended third party insurance.


In any case, the coverage of the broken glass guarantee depends on the car insurance contracts. This may hold some surprises when the time comes … Not to mention the amount of deductibles. Overview of a auto insurance guarantee too little known, but yet essential in the life of all motorists: broken glass and impacts on the windshield indeed represent more than a third of car claims!

Glass breakage guarantee: are you really well covered?

You smashed a tail light while backing too forcefully or a stone impacted your windshield when you were following this unsurpassable heavy truck on a small departmental road… What must you do to make your insurance work? What will be your support rate ? And what should you expect in terms of franchising?

First tip: make sure you have subscribed glass breakage guarantee before calling your insurer. If this is the case, read your contract carefully to find out if the tail light in question is not excluded from the insurance (which may very well be the case depending on your insurer and the contract taken out).

Glass breakage guarantee and instructions for obtaining compensation

The broken glass guarantee covers the costs of replacing or repairing the glass parts of your vehicle.

To be compensated, simply follow these 3 steps :

  1. Protect the damaged part of the vehicle
  2. Cover up broken glass or windshield
  3. Report the claim to your insurer within five working days following the glass breakage (article L 113-2-4 of the Insurance Code), without forgetting to attach all supporting documents: estimate, certificate, complaint to the police or to the gendarmerie in the event of a criminal offense

Your insurer will then tell you an approved garage who will assess the damage and suggest the follow-up to be given. If the (small) impacts or cracks of less than 30 cm are not in the driver’s field of vision, a simple repair can be considered (in particular using a special resin)… and without franchise.

Otherwise, the complete change of the windshield is clearly indicated so as not to “impact” the safety. But in this case, the deductible provided for in your contract will be applied to you (except in the event of an extension of guarantee duly subscribed).

One repair, two solutions. And at the end of the day, you still have the excess to pay …

  1. You do repair at a garage or an approved specialist company (after, and only after agreement with your insurer). You pay the garage or the approved company and you send the invoice to your insurance which reimburses you … after having taken care to subtract the amount of the deductible
  2. You do repair in a partner company and the invoice is paid directly by your insurance. However, you will still have to pay the amount of the franchise directly to the partner company …
Good to know

French leaders in the windshield repair and replacement, Carglass and Mondial Pare-Brise are partners of almost all insurance companies.

Repair of your windshield covered by your insurance: penalty or no penalty?

Rest assured: in principle, a broken glass or a scratch on a windshield does not entail a penalty, even if you are the cause of the breakage. And its management will therefore not lead to an increase in your annual premium. Be careful, however, not to abuse (even if you really had nothing to do with it) of your glass breakage guarantee: some insurance can go as far as unilaterally terminating insurance contracts after several events (yes, they have the right…).

Good to know

Broken glass may also be covered by a guarantee other than the broken glass cover. This is the case for example when of a natural disaster, a storm or an accident. The natural disaster guarantee or the all accident damage guarantee can then compensate for the absence of glass breakage guarantee.

Another scenario: a window broken during a break-in to try to steal your mobile phone forgotten on a seat. Here, it will be the theft and break-in guarantee that will cover glass breakage, provided that this other guarantee is included in your contract… And that you have first lodged a complaint before invoking the insurance!

Do not hesitate to compare broken glass cover with the major insurance companies on the market

As we have seen: glass breakage and impacts on the windshield represent more than a third of automobile claims! All the more reason not to ignore a guarantee that you will certainly have to play once or more times in the coming months. Compare quickly (free of charge and without obligation) different levels of coverage and the amount of deductibles using an online auto insurance comparator. And why not