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"Father's Day" Christopher Farias and Father shine at Dodger Stadium

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What baseball fan doesn't fantasy about tossing out the principal pitch before their preferred group begins to play? The respect of the main pitch isn't simply given to anyone; it is a respect given to the individuals who have earned it. 

For Christopher Farias, the main pitch tossed during the Father's Day game at Dodgers Stadium will be something he will recall for an incredible remainder. 

Out of the blue regarded as the Veteran of The Game, Marine Corporal Farias felt that the honor would have been the greatest amazement of the day for him. 

What he didn't know was that Farias' dad had something different as a main priority, in any case. 

Decked out in full Dodger game apparatus, Farias' dad played along as catcher until he could cause his amazement to uncover. Without precedent for a long time, this dad and child had the option to rejoin for Father's day. 

Make the most of his vital first pitch.
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