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Bleach in the eyes: the new and dangerous youth challenge on social networks

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This is not the first time that young people engage in a dangerous challenge and post their "exploits" on social networks. Last sad challenge in fashion: place bags of bleach on his eyes.

It's a new time from across the Atlantic that we come up with this idiotic and dangerous challenge. The Bright Eye Challenge has been popularized by teenagers on the TikTok platform. This challenge, oh so dangerous, is to place sachets of bleach on the eyes to change the color. Needless to say, beyond the danger, it is impossible to change the color of the eyes by this process.

According to the initiators of this challenge, placing a bag filled with bleach, shaving foam and disinfectant would have the power to change the color of the eyes. But this explosive mixture, besides its inability to change the color of the eyes, presents many dangers. Placing such toxic and irritating substances on the eyes can cause severe damage, especially if the pouch breaks. Bleach can cause severe burns and even blindness. What is particularly worrying about this new challenge is that it is worn by various renowned influencers. They appear in videos, faked of course, tending to prove that this challenge can actually change the color of the iris. And these videos have, for some, already been viewed more than 500,000 times. Many Internet users campaign to stop this new challenge. The TikTok platform has not yet reacted to the beginning of controversy.

Once again, social networks demonstrate all their power, far from being harmless, to spread a phenomenon such as challenges. While some are safe and even for humanitarian purposes, others are more problematic. The A4 waist Challenge is an example. Consisting of posing on social networks with an A4 sheet placed on the belly, demonstrating that we reached the ultimate goal of thinness if no piece of skin exceeds the size of the sheet. Some are even more dangerous and can lead instantly to death. The "deodorant challenge" that comes from the United Kingdom is to spray an aerosol on the skin as close and as long as possible, this challenge leads to major burns sometimes requiring a skin graft. The "Fire challenge" consists of splashing flammable liquid and burning yourself voluntarily before diving into a water source (swimming pool, bathtub etc.)

Not to mention the Momo Challenge and the Blue whale Challenge, which have already claimed many lives around the world. A challenge, a real form of harassment, in which Momo will set ever-greater challenges for his victims, sometimes leading them to suicide.
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